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Pantsoc are proud to announce the 2nd Summer Pantomime, and 8th of all-time

The Sword In The Stone

Thousands of years ago, a magical sword was driven suggestively into a stone by the hallowed Wizard's Council. Millennia later, kingdoms have risen and fallen, villains have been vanquished, rallied and been vanquished again, and a wizard has turned traitor on his own. Also there are many ducks. It now falls on Arthur Pendragon, the young king, to seek out the sword in the stone and rid his land of evil.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Week 8, York University's Pantomime Society (or Pant Socks) presents an original, all-new, all-singing, all-dancing, all-partially-nude pantomime!

Performed on the beautiful Derwent Lakeside, this will be a balmy summer's evening of jokes and japes, and is undoubtedly the hottest ticket of the summer! Get your tickets early, or miss out and be sad forever!

Tickets are available from cast members, from Vanbrugh stalls tuesday, wednesday and thursday (12-2), and OTD; 4 students, 4.50 non-students.
The area will be open from 5, with the performance beginning at 5.30. Don't forget rugs, picnics, punch and Pimms!


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